Anonymous asked: I was wondering what made you love the Lannisters above the other families in the ASOIAF world.

uuuum … i don’t … actually … know. As I was reading the books, I would always want the next chapter to be a Lannister chapter because the Lannisters were so exciting and tragic and hilarious all at once? Whereas the chapters of certain other characters would just make me groan.

In the casting for GoT, D&D said something along the lines of Lena Hedey taking a different approach than all the other actresses auditioning. Lena didn’t portray Cersei as an Ice Queen, she portrayed her as funny

Because the Lannisters do have a really funny element to them that’s like the comic relief in a Shakespearean tragedy :/

While the Starks have definitely had their tragic moments, I’ve never gotten the feeling that the Starks’ story is one of tragedy.  Most people are pretty sure that there will be a Stark *coughsansacough* or three left at the end. 

But the Lannisters? They pretty much have DEATH written on their foreheads. I’m certain their story is going to be a tragedy, and in typical Lannister fashion, IT’S GOING TO BE GLORIOUS WHENEVER IT GOES DOWN. It’s going to be the most beautiful moment when I’m sobbing and sobbing and experience the greatest fictional catharsis I’ve ever known. I’m looking forward to it. :)

So I guess the Lannisters make me feel something the way most fictional things don’t? I normally don’t develop feelings for fictional things. I watch the tv show and then I turn off the tv. I read the book and then I close it. That’s it, that’s the end, it was nice while it lasted but now it’s over.

It’s hard to make me care about things, anon.

But once I got to the end of AFFC, I opened the computer and started writing fanfiction with Lannisters, and the only other fictional thing that ever made me want fanfiction was Moiraine Damodred from The Wheel of Time. I needed to respond to ASOIAF. I also started googling Jaime x Cersei and found this and this and that was the moment I signed my soul over to tumblr. 

I’m not exactly sure why I developed such an emotional connection to the Lannisters, but I can see some of it. I really liked Tyrion from the beginning (I mean, he loves books, is there anyone reading this series who doesn’t like books? The reader is meant to identify with Tyrion in the beginning, and how interesting is it that GRRM makes many able-bodied people identify with a disabled character?)

And personally my mother is the most important person in the world to me, so I think I was really drawn to this idea that this family was built around the lack of a mother, her glaring absence. No one warned me I was going to develop this Joanna Lannister situation why didn’t any of you warn me??? I was doomed from the beginning. I dreamed a dream my life would be so different from this hell im living!!!

And I loved how GRRM so slowly eased me into the Lannisters, first giving me Tyrion and then Jaime and then Cersei and then Tywin. In each case he eventually destroyed my initial impressions of each character. I kind of fell in love with them in that order. I hated Tywin in the beginning. But then I kept learning more and more about him and fell in love with him. 

(And GRRM does this for the Starks, too, taking your first impression that the Starks are all about honor and by ADWD we seriously question that assumption, but by ADWD I was kind of already set in my Lannister ways and it was too late.) 

And I’ve always been really interested in the politics of King’s Landing. Any storyline other than Sansa’s that took me away from that was less interesting to me. (And lbr, Sansa’s Vale storyline is just the Entr’acte to her assuming political power sooo)

When the Lannisters (and the Starks, I do care about the Starks, just to a much lesser extent, but still a lot more than i care about other families) largely stopped mattering in the story between AFFC and ADWD, I lost a lot of interest. 

And I just … i like the Lannisters ruthlessness, I can understand not caring about people outside of your inner circle, I like their intelligence, their cleverness, their cunning. I think a story could be told entirely about Tyrion and Cersei’s distinct lack of (different) priviledge (esp in contrast to Jaime), and you would still have a worthwhile story touching on feminism and disability. 

idk anon

i just love them


  1. ladyoflate said: why did i love the martells before any of them but oberyn were mentioned? because sarcasm. and thus my heart was won.and then it turns out all them are ridic and i am pleased.
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