I have a lot of (unpopular?) opinions, and I let them pile up and up until I can’t hold them in anymore.


Ok, I will ship Jaime/Cersei with my dying breath and then I will ship it in hell, and I pray for their mutual self-destruction. It’s one of the only things I want from GRRM at this point, because I think it’s the only fitting ending to their narrative. I know it’s the only way I will be satisfied with any ending in asoiaf.

But WTF is with some people saying Jaime/Brienne is ~wrong??????

Fuck that.

Fuck this elitism I see that there is One True Interpretation of the text.

Art/Literature is a beautiful thing because people can bring different interpretations to the table.

Even as someone who doesn’t ship Jaime/Brienne as anything more than a BroTP, I can see one of the appeals of it. Jaime/Brienne can function as an ironic Beauty and the Beast narrative. I mean, IN CANON, Brienne is (mockingly) called Brienne the Beauty. And Brienne makes Jaime question. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! JAIME IS BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND THAT HE AND CERSEI WANT DIFFERENT THINGS. THIS IS PROBABLY WHAT WILL LEAD TO JAIME/CERSEI KILLING EACH OTHER  :DDD

I know tumblr is often all about the One True Pairing, but all of the relationships in people’s lives are important to their growth. 

Speaking of


Don’t you fucking tell me “Don’t put Sansa/Tyrion in the Sansa Stark tag”  as you proceed to fill it with SanSan posts, you hypocrite.

Sansa Stark has a lot of interactions with a lot of men who are older than her, and most of these interactions are problematic.

But all of these interactions, I think, are an important part of her growth as a character. 

And fandom is obsessed with shipping Sansa with everything that moves because it is important who Sansa ends up with. Women in Westeros weild power through men for the most part. Sansa’s eventual partner might be her sworn shield or her political front or any number of other things. Personally I like exploring potential interactions.

So, yeah, you go ahead with those blinders on so that you only see your OTP, I’m gonna sit here with my armada.


I am




of people judging other fans because of their favorite fictional characters. 

I am TIRED of being called gross because I can see more than one side of a FICTIONAL character.

You know what?

Maybe I have more compassion than you do because I can feel for some of these characters that you dismiss as gross, and because I can sympathize with all parties involved.

So fuck off.




I’ve said for a while that I think the story will demand Dany as a sacrifice. A martyr, if you will, to go along with the idea of her being a savior. I recently saw the idea of her as Nissa Nissa and Im on board with that.


This is, of course, just my opinion, but the more followers you have, the more I think you have a responsibility to not create shit for other people. idk, i guess my motto is to use your power/platform responsibly. Otherwise you’re just an asshole.


I think I had other things to say here but I think I want to go watch tv now.

  1. housecreepy said: 3. Me too. I reblogged that post re “your faves say a lot about you” sarcastically but I’m like, can’t someone just find characters interesting without there being a deeper meaning?
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  5. renbaratheon said: omg thank you because while at first i didn’t care about jaime/brienne the INTENSE hate made me want to ironically ship the fuck out of that crap to spite people.
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