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Beanie Babies are not crap, Lauren. /avid beanie baby collector

SORRY MADI!  I take it back, Beanie Babies are not crap.  

I meant it in the sense that people were going insane to obtain these toys, mostly because everyone else wanted them, and in some cases paying thousands of dollars for a stuffed animal that originally sold for $5.  And people doing things like buying McDonald’s food just to get the toy and then throwing all of the food away.  

IDK what you remember of the original craze, but I remember stores announcing when they would be putting Beanie Babies out for sale and people lining up to get a number. The store put all of the Beanie Babies in a big box on the floor and called people up one by one to root through the box and pick out one Beanie Baby and then you would have to go get another number if you wanted a second go, all the while hoping someone else wouldn’t pick out the one you wanted.  There was no online market place to buy them.  You have to admit it reached levels of insanity.

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  1. la-copa-esta-bien said: beanie babies were EVERYTHING to me. fact.
  2. rebeccacaffrey said: Yeah I know and I remember. Things were never that insane around here but I do remember like…my mom taking us to different mcdonalds because we wanted beanies. However I always ate the food or mom just bought the toy. People were just stupid.
  3. housecreepy said: My aunt did that. I admit to waiting on line for several hours to get an octopus beanie, but it was for octopus reasons. We also went to a convention once and bought the older ones.
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