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i didn’t invent that word.



since my little post about being autochorissexual has inexplicably exploded 260+ notes in the past couple of days (seriously what the heck happened here), i think maybe a follow-up post is in order.

i did not invent the word autochorissexual. Anthony F. Bogaert did. he’s the guy who literally wrote the book on asexuality. Dr. Bogaert is not himself asexual but is one of the few sciencey people doing sciencey research on people who are, so that’s cool. i got the word autochorissexual from his article Asexuality and Autochorissexualism (Identity-Less Sexuality) which is, alas, now behind a $40 paywall. i’ll paraphrase what i remember of it.

in the course of his asexuality research, Dr. Bogaert identified more than one hundred women who—all independently—described a sexual interest in sex itself but could not imagine themselves as active participants in it. the article deals only with women; i don’t know whether Bogaert observed anything similar among people who aren’t women. Bogaert describes autochorissexualism as a target-oriented paraphilia, one in which, specifically, the usual target sequence “I am attracted to [that person]” does not include the “I”. many of these women said they did masturbate while thinking about other people having sex. they did not identify as voyeurs because they did not think of themselves as observers. they considered themselves non-entities in sex, and were turned off by the thought of themselves participating in the act even as a passive observer. some women mentioned preferring porn/erotica that focused on male participants because they were less likely to personally identify with a man.

so, if anyone wants to call tumblr bullshit on this word, take it to Brock University.

also, here is the AVEN thread where Siggy links to Bogaert’s article, which is how i heard of it.

I was able to access the article through my university account, and uploaded it here.

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Rusalka, paint-on-glass animation by Alexander Petrov

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We all burn. We burn in fire. We burn in blood. We burn in dreams. And it never ends.

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I tried to paint Winterfell the way I imagined it but then ran out of patience :(


I tried to paint Winterfell the way I imagined it but then ran out of patience :(

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Preasoiaf meme: 5 preasoiaf characters [4/5] → Joanna Lannister

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His voice is low, gentle, persuasive, and full of regret. If he
were free, he says, if there were no impediment, it is she, above all women, that he would choose for his wife. The lack of sons wouldn’t matter; God’s will be done. He would like nothing better than to marry her all over again; lawfully, this time. But there it is: it can’t be managed. She was his brother’s wife. Their union has offended divine law.
You can hear what Katherine says. That wreck of a body, held together by lacing and stays, encloses a voice that you can hear as far as Calais: it resounds from here to Paris, from here to Madrid, to Rome. She is standing on her status, she is standing on her rights; the windows are rattled, from here to Constantinople. 

What a woman she is.

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a list of popular ASOIAF theories/predictions that make me roll my eyes

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buffyofwinterfell asked: Do you have any speculation of why Oberyn and Ellaria aren't married? Not that they NEED marriage to validate their relationship psh, but wouldn't it secure the future for the kids they love so much if they were legitimate? Is it a class thing, because Ellaria is a bastard? Or is their polyamorous thing only/more acceptable in Westeros if they aren't conventionally "attached"?

Hi! hmm I’ve never thought before about why Oberyn didn’t marry Ellaria.

It miiiight be because Ellaria is a bastard, but I don’t think there’s quite as much of a stigma against bastards in Dorne. And I honestly think that if Oberyn wanted to marry Ellaria, he would have married her regardless of her birth. Oberyn had a daughter with a septa; the man did what he wanted. So I don’t think it was because she was a bastard, and I don’t think it was about polyamory. Oberyn was a second son, so there wasn’t a great need for him to marry and have legitimate children.

I don’t necessarily think that the future of Ellaria’s daughters is that much more secure if they were legitimate? Doran and eventually Arianne would always see that they were provided for. It might be an issue for Oberyn that he didn’t want any of his daughters treated differently? For example, he might not want the younger daughters to be legitimate, while his older daughters are bastards? Illegitimacy can be easily fixed by the king, but I don’t know if Oberyn would want to ask that of Robert, seeing as Robert believed the gruesome deaths of Oberyn’s niece and nephew were a necessary part of the Rebellion. 

I’m just sort of thinking as I’m typing here, but part of Oberyn’s reasoning might have been about Elia. If Oberyn married Ellaria and had legitimate daughters with her, those legitimate daughters might have been used in political matches, the way Arianne was going to be matched with Viserys. Look what happened to Elia with her political match. Ellaria retains a lot of control over her bastard daughters. They lack the Martell name but they have all of the comforts of House Martell, without downsides like (future) political marriages to create alliances.

At least, that’s the explanation I like right now, that Oberyn and Ellaria discussed their options and thought about their daughters’ future. Oberyn decided he wanted to make sure that they would never face anything resembling Elia’s fate and wanted them to have the freedom to choose what they wanted in life (think of Obara with the spear). But maybe someone else remembers something I’m missing, as to why Oberyn and Ellaria never married?

(Taking this moment to promo my favorite Oberyn/Ellaria fic.)

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A lioness basking in the first warm rays of the morning sun. Mombo Island - Okavango Delta, Botswana. Picture: ED HETHERINGTON/CATERS


A lioness basking in the first warm rays of the morning sun. Mombo Island - Okavango Delta, Botswana. Picture: ED HETHERINGTON/CATERS

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Shalom Harlow for Vogue Italia by Paolo Roversi.


Shalom Harlow for Vogue Italia by Paolo Roversi.

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joannalannister asked: QUESTION! What makes bisexual!Joanna interesting to you?

I’ve been kind of leaning more towards biromantic ace Joanna this last while, so here’s my Joanna sexuality headcanons:

  • She doesn’t like most people, so she knows that what she feels for Tywin (and Ariella) is not some casual whim. It’s monumental, the first time her heart skips to hear Tywin express the power that’s his with that chain of golden hands, or to see Ariella casually ruin the reputation of some Reacher lady or other with a languid smile.
  • Sex is nice, but she could live without it. It makes both Ariella and, later, Tywin happy, though, and it is nice, so she doesn’t mind it.

I think Joanna being very aware that her beauty and attractiveness affect both men and women is something that would amuse and intrigue her, at first. I think she’d use it, to an extent (with greater subtlety than Cersei or Margaery, for example, use theirs - I have a mental image of Joanna as quite aloof in that she didn’t mingle, and maybe seemed a little outside of human, as Tywin sometimes seems to appear to some at court, and I think she’d use that).